Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Party Arty On" by Fogdan (Electronic Artist from Colorado Springs, CO)

You will be dancing to the grooves in no time when you hear the fantastic Electronic Dance music on the brilliant CD, "Party Arty On," by the musical artist Fogdan. This album is bristling with vibrant energy and pulsating beats. As you hear each track you will feel energized as these fun melodies ignite with a magnetic appeal. The infectious opener, "Dreaming of You," buzzes with a fury of electronic rhythms and soulful vocals. The title track, "Party Arty On," reels you in with its irresistible melody and a rich musical texture. Another song, "The Cool Down," has a funky groove as the synth sounds weave a rich and flavorful melody while the percussion keeps a strong and solid tempo. If you are looking for new Electronic music to dance to or maybe even workout to, then take a listen to the magnificent CD, "Party Arty On," as you won't be disappointed by this electrifying album.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Stars In Your Eyes" by Dynamic Destony (Electronica Artist from Florida)

The artistic talents of Dynamic Destony really shine on the excellent album, "Stars In Your Eyes." This CD is comprised of tasty Electronic Dance music that will surely get you dancing in no time. The first track, "Start Dancin'," puts you instantly in the dancing groove. This song has pulsating beats and hypnotic vocals. The title cut, "Stars In Your Eyes," is richly textured with synth sounds and magnetic vocals that are sweet and charming. You will like the way they re- make a classic song, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," into an energetic party song as the bouncy rhythm brings a new life into this song. This is an endlessly enjoyable album as should definitely be on your party playlist. If you like fresh and original Electronic Dance music then the CD, "Stars In Your Eyes," is one that you will thoroughly enjoy.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"The Speed of Sound" by VASSAR (Electronic Artist from Illinois)

The talented group Vassar releases an outstanding collection of Alternative Electronic Dance music on the CD, "The Speed of Sound." This album showcases well crafted songs that have richly textured soundscapes and fascinating melodies. The song, "Sexxxy," grooves with pulsating beats, slithery guitar riffs, and alluring vocals. Another song, "Next Time," has a gritty modern flair as the instrumentation runs with a powerful force while the vocals electrify with stunning charm. "Withheld" is a song with interesting synth strings that weave a melody over the solid drum beats and driving bass. Fans of Depeche Mode or The Cure will find the brilliant Alternative Electronic Dance album, "The Speed of Sound" thoroughly enjoyable.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Your Attitude" by biglouis (Electronic Artist from Germany)

Biglouis releases another spectacular Electronic Dance single, "Your Attitude." Once you listen to this single you will be hooked instantly to Biglouis and his creative Electronic grooves. This song is inviting, invigorating, and overflowing with richly textured sounds. You will hear elements of driving bass, sweet synth strings, and pulsating drum beats wrapped into a marvelous song. The female vocals are strong and powerful and lure you into the energetic groove with its soulful passion. If you are a fan of the Black Eye Peas or like Electronic Dance music then you will be in for a special treat when you hear the outstanding single, "Your Attitude," as this song will have you dancing in no time.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus" by JoyFocus (Electronica Artist from Chicago, IL)

JoyFocus releases another fantastic Electronic Rock/Pop album, "Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus." JoyFocus is comprised of 2 talented artists, musician Rikk Currence and vocalist Holly Joy and together they bring to life a richly textured collection of melodic songs. Opening up the album, "Audrey Is Gone," you are instantly drawn to the sweet and charming vocals while the searing guitar gives you an edgy Rock tonality. Another song, "Grey Day My Way (war of me)," features stirring synth strings and Electronic soundscapes swirling around the shimmering vocals and creates a magnetic melody. You will like their re-make of "Here Comes The Rain Again," as this song features all the dynamic synth sounds of the original and irresistible vocals. Discover the talents of the duo JoyFocus and their outstanding Electronic Rock/Pop music on the wonderful CD, "Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Didn't I Say" by Biglouis (Electronic Artist from Germany)

The captivating Electronic Dance single, "Didn't I Say," by Biglouis, will surely have you hooked on this musician and his creative style of music. This song will have you grooving in no time as the tasty rhythmic beat flows with a hypnotic style and grace. You can feel the emotive pulses swirl with bristling energy while the synth plays an appealing and catchy riff. The vocals are infectious as one can hear a soulful energy that is dynamically strong and passionate. The multi-layered synth sounds are finely fused together to create this well produced song. This song has a warm and inviting charisma that leaves you wanting to hear more from this talented artist. If you like well crafted Electronic Dance music, then you will definitely enjoy the fantastic single, "Didn't I Say."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Chaos And Harmony" by Burkhard Mahler (Electronic Artist from Germany)

You will be mesmerized by the brilliant collection of Electronic/Virtual Orchestra music on the magnificent album, "Chaos And Harmony," by Burkhard Mahler. This CD has a fantastic blend of unusual musical styles which Mahler, who is a talented musician, composer, and producer, creatively blends Fusion, Lounge/Ambient, and Contemporary Classical to shape this well crafted album. The opener, "Dreammachine 1," has a rich musical complexity while the industrial pulses groove with a sweet and dreamy tonality. The songs, "Aint Playin (feat. Korrupt Dialect)" and "Goin On (feat. New Sense)" have a Hip Hop rhythmic groove that flows with a magical style. "Bach 22" is finely orchestrated song that has a Classical tonality and is splashed with gripping guitar hooks. If you are looking for an album that has a mix of artistic musical styles, then the superb CD, "Chaos And Harmony," is just what you need to hear.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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